About Me

Chase Miles

Chase Miles
IT Professional

I have a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a major in IT Systems Administration.  During my high school and collegiate years I enrolled in electives for computer programming, web design, and systems administration.  In addition, I frequently seek to improve my experience and skills outside of the classroom. I have earned an A+ and Network+ certification from CompTIA and seek to continue improving my skill set by obtaining more certifications from organizations like CompTIA, Cisco, Dell, and Microsoft. I also have plans to set up a home lab to allow me to experiment with virtualization, Active Directory, servers, network switches, or anything else that I feel I could expand my knowledge with.

As an efficiency-oriented person I seek to improve the speed at which I can perform a task, such as making heavy use of keyboard shortcuts or writing scripts to semi-automate a process. In my position at the Cabela’s IT Service Desk, I wrote over 40 Powershell scripts which have enhanced the team’s capabilities and efficiency in using Active Directory. I also wrote detailed documentation and SOPs on several tasks that enhance the team’s effectiveness and knowledge.

Technical Expertise

● Years of experience troubleshooting and resolving issues in Microsoft Windows
● Active Directory management
● Microsoft Exchange Server
● Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
● Powershell scripting
● Custom-build a computer based on a user’s needs
● Virtualization using VirtualBox and HyperV hypervisors
● Some experience with SQL Management Studio and SQL Queries
● Some experience in languages: Java, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic


A+ Certification seal  Network+ Certification seal

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