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A Virtual Server

In the near future I will finally be retiring my old personal computer and replacing it with a wholly new machine. This presents a great opportunity to start on creating a small virtual server configuration. It’s not much, but it’ll be a perfect way to get into virtualization. The Plan My goal is to set up a basic virtual server…

Senior Project

Planning and Configuration

The second week is coming to a close.  We have mostly fleshed out the organizational structure of the Nimbus Organization.  The Call Center and Headquarters have been set up with their respective departmental subOUs. Some specialized OUs such as the IT department subOU “ElevatedPrivs” were created in order to allow for more fine tuning of GPO accesses.  Speaking of GPOs,…

Senior Project

Setting Up the Environment

This week has been primarily about getting all of the VMs set up.  We have successfully created an Active Directory domain with the Windows Server configured as the primary domain controller.  The client machines were both added to the domain and their DNS settings pointed to the domain controller IP. Following the successful setup of AD – we decided on…