data security


Security, Privacy, and Convenience in a Connected World

This research paper evaluates the balance of security, privacy, and convenience in today’s connected world.   It is 15 pages long with over 5,000 words.  Here’s an excerpt from the introduction: The year is 2016 and technology is infused into our daily lives.  Technological devices sit in our pockets that have more computing power than the NASA computers which landed…

Senior Project

Sprint 1 Complete

Today marks the official conclusion of Spring 1 and the mid-point for the project.  We’ve accomplished a number of things during the first half of the project: Set up virtual machines on a VMWare server Due to resource limitations, we couldn’t obtain a 3rd client machine Create and configure Active Directory Create and configure file shares Set up users and…

Senior Project

SCCM Followup & Server Hardening

This week we continued our break from GPOs by following up on the research into SCCM.  We’ve decided to postpone implementation of SCCM for the time being.  During our research we watched a few videos on the implementation of SCCM and found some trial versions available from Microsoft for the 2016 version. While implementation doesn’t appear to be prohibitively difficult,…