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Reverse Proxy with Nginx and Cloudflare

Why Reverse Proxy? Initially, my reason for setting up a reverse proxy with Nginx was to force SSL connections to my Plex Media Server and to eliminate the need to use a non-standard port.  The goal was to make it so all connections came through HTTPS protocols with a trusted SSL certificate.  To achieve this, I chose to set up…


Hello world!

Every professional tech geek needs a proper online presence.  I felt that it was only natural I go ahead and set up a website for myself.  As a person who is passionate about technology, I couldn’t resist the idea of learning more about how to manage a website using FTP, cPanel, the Linux file system, and dinking around with some…


Pyramid Printing, HTML Website

Back in my Sophomore year of high school, I enrolled in a two-semester multimedia course. Several different projects were completed in this course including videos, photo editing, and flash development. Though the one I want to really showcase would be my HTML and JavaScript driven website.  This project was completed January 22nd, 2009. Materials Online copy of website Of Interest:…