Pyramid Printing, HTML Website

Pyramid Printing homepage

Back in my Sophomore year of high school, I enrolled in a two-semester multimedia course. Several different projects were completed in this course including videos, photo editing, and flash development. Though the one I want to really showcase would be my HTML and JavaScript driven website.  This project was completed January 22nd, 2009.


Of Interest: When I found this project buried in my old online hosting, I discovered that it had been injected with a trojan horse: (JS:Iframe-EQV [Trj])  – so I had to dig into the code and find the malicious element and remove it.  A followup virus scan and manual code inspection revealed that it is now clean of all malicious code!

The website was designed to represent a faux print shop named “Pyramid Printing.”  Its theme was inspired by a video game I played at the time called Pharaoh.  Custom buttons and banner images were created to keep with the ancient Egyptian theme.   The teacher said at the time she was quite impressed with the design.  I always like to push the boundaries of my knowledge, so I went above and beyond by implementing buttons with rollover reactions, which was something we didn’t really cover in class.  In addition, when working on the site in  I’d always stay in ‘split’ view (shows the rendered site and the raw code) because I found that the editor had a tendency to make a huge mess of things if left unchecked.  I’d find myself editing the code directly more often than actually using the ‘design’ view.

This may not stand as a testament to my web design skill, but it does allude to a decent level of technical knowledge and a drive to do more than just the bare minimum requirements of an assignment.  By doing more than was required, I implemented additional features that added to the quality of the end-product.