Project Startup

Active Directory Domain Sr. Project
Team members:  Chase & Logan
Our project will be a virtual Active Directory domain, complete with a server and 3 client machines.   After speaking to Kyle, we discovered that due to hardware limitations, we could only have 4 VMs.  The 3 client machines will probably each have different versions of Windows installed – this will serve as proof-of-concept that our domain will work across multiple Windows versions.

We intend to set the domain up with several different users, each with varying access levels.  It will likely be based on a fictional organization of some sort.  There will be security groups to manage the different accesses – including accesses to several server-based file shares.  Organizational units will try to follow general industry guidelines about the depth of an AD domain (no more than 3 deep).  GPOs will also need to be configured on the OU level as well as on the security-groups we create.

There may also be opportunities for me to bring in some of my Powershell experience – I have written over 40 scripts for the benefit of the IT Service Desk team at my place of employment – some of these may make an appearance in the test-cases later on in our project.