A Virtual Server

In the near future I will finally be retiring my old personal computer and replacing it with a wholly new machine. This presents a great opportunity to start on creating a small virtual server configuration. It’s not much, but it’ll be a perfect way to get into virtualization.

The Plan

My goal is to set up a basic virtual server capable of simultaneously running multiple servers on various operating systems.  The types of servers would include a Plex media server, a storage server, and some testing environments.  Ultimately, I’d like to set up a RAID array for data and run the hypervisor off of an SSD.  I’m still limited by budget so it’ll be a while before I can get a full scale RAID array.  For now, I may just have to go with a simple drive configuration.


Right now, the decision for which hypervisor to use is split between VMWare ESXi or Microsoft HyperV.  Both of these see widespread use in the IT industry – so it’d be great to work with them more outside of the office so I can truly explore their capabilities without risking harm to a money-making enterprise.

Right now, I am leaning towards HyperV as I already have a background in Microsoft products like Microsoft Server, so the learning curve will be less steep.  This decision will be finalized once I have finished decommissioning my  current computer.