December 2016


Graduated from College

I’ve finally done it.  I have graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Systems Administration) with a minor in Management Information Systems.   Even though I’ve graduated, I fully intend to continue learning and improving upon my skills and experience.  In a field which changes so rapidly, it would be a critical error to choose not to keep…

Senior Project

Project Complete, Reflections

As the semester comes to its conclusion, so does our project.  We chose to build an Active Directory domain because it is an industry standard in the field of systems administration. During the last few months, we have learned a lot about the creation and management of a domain.  Challenges were presented in the form of limited resources or systems not…

Senior Project

Documentation & Presentation

The technical aspects of the project are now pretty much complete.  We have a functional domain that meets all of the testing requirements.  It is essentially ready for deployment.  This week we built and completed the documentation for the domain – the idea is that this documentation would be used by IT personnel to get a basic understanding of the…