November 2016

Senior Project

Powershell Integration and Testing

This week was quite productive.  We downloaded the Powershell scripts I wrote for work so we could begin implementing some test-cases using both Powershell and the MMC console.  The first problems we ran into were ExecutionPolicy issues – we resolved these by modifying the default execution policy for the IT\ElevatedPrivs OU and running Powershell as an administrator.  We had to use net…


Security, Privacy, and Convenience in a Connected World

This research paper evaluates the balance of security, privacy, and convenience in today’s connected world.   It is 15 pages long with over 5,000 words.  Here’s an excerpt from the introduction: The year is 2016 and technology is infused into our daily lives.  Technological devices sit in our pockets that have more computing power than the NASA computers which landed…


Hello world!

Every professional tech geek needs a proper online presence.  I felt that it was only natural I go ahead and set up a website for myself.  As a person who is passionate about technology, I couldn’t resist the idea of learning more about how to manage a website using FTP, cPanel, the Linux file system, and dinking around with some…